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The List of 5 Hidden Camera Alarm Clocks

This market is booming! Do you know why? Because real life voyeur is a great demand. A real live cam is a very desirable item globally. So study our list:


You can install this Wi-Fi IP camera and monitor it using any browser that supports JavaTM or ActiveX on a PC or on your smartphone. Hidden HD WiFi IP camera connects to the router via Wi-Fi standard 802.11 or using an Ethernet cable. Also, this IP wifi camera – the clock has a built-in DVR that records on a microSD memory card (up to 32GB). When a sudden disconnection of the server connection, as well as communication with the router via WiFi channel (router hangs, interruption of Internet access, provider’s problems, etc.), recording on the memory card, on the motion sensor, sound, or continuously starts. depending on the setting. Installing a Wi-Fi IP camera is done in 2 simple steps: connect the Wi-Fi camera to the network and launch

Full HD Wi-Fi

wifi photo

Non-catchy, not attracting the attention of WiFi camera with high resolution and high sensitivity, disguised as a desktop electronic clock. Transmits video with sound. Motion sensor, powerful removable lithium battery. The possibility of autonomous work from the built-in battery when the power is turned off up to 96 hours (the brightness of the screen glows automatically when switching to offline mode

Spy HD WiFi camera in the smoke detector, smoke detector with WIFI camera

The device – a spy wifi covert camera, is a smoke detector, equipped with a hidden HD camera for remote monitoring. Suitable for any life situation when you need to know what is happening in the next room, but you can not be there. The device is compatible with smartphones and tablets on iOS and Android and connects to them via WIFI.

Spyware high resolution in a wall clock –  classic square

Hidden photoA new model of a hidden IP camera, built in an old kind classic square analog wall clock. Video surveillance with sound behind the house, office, cottage, apartment from anywhere in the world – this is an impressive reality of the modern era! You can watch and hear everything that happens from your smartphone while being hundreds or thousands of kilometers away from your spying friend (the only condition is the Internet connection from the IP camera and the mobile Internet on the smartphone, preferably 3G or 4G). Take vacations, go on a trip and you may relax and forget about this business. A piece of ideal equipment for real life voyeur.

Hidden real live cam  – in the plug of the network adapter

Combines the work of two devices: a power adapter and a hidden high-resolution camera. A miniature hidden spy camcorder is built into the connector on the end of the adapter’s wire, allowing you to record high-quality color HD video with AVI sound.

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