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I Attend A Sex Party In NYC Every Month. Here’s What Happens There

The idea of ​​creating such kind of parties came after the success of such events in Europe. On half of the organizing team, the general idea is as following:

  • to have a real life voyeur space in which everyone would feel comfortable: therefore there are some rules;
  • to create a special erotic atmosphere would be present (there is a dress code);
  • to make a spot beautiful, bright, fabulous, so a new “evening theme” & unique program are announced before the gathering.

Here are the general terms I liked:

  1. Everything is possible (within the framework of the USA legislation)

Everything that is legal is accepted. Participants are being urged you to respect the identity and borders of others. Freedom of expression and bold fantasies are priorities.

  1. “No” means “No”

Guys ask for permission before taking any action on a stranger. If you are getting a negative answer, all actions must be stopped.

  1. Do not like it? OK

If you are touched by a person and don’t like it, you tell about this him/her directly. Without your help, other people will not know whether you are ready to contact or not.

  1. Photo and video by the guests are strictly prohibited

Since this is real life voyeur, only official videographers are streaming at the party. If you do not want to get on the tape and photo stories – just tell the team about this or just come in a mask.

  1. Cool image

This is a special atmosphere and you will see the most interesting styles and accessories.

What Exactly Happens?

For all I will not answer, but always present:

  • amazing people around;
  • colorful show and bright erotic performances;
  • great music from guest DJs (techno, electronics, house);
  • fetish area for experiments and dating.

Do You Have Sex?

Perhaps this is the most common question. Because sex is an interesting concept. For someone, even a kiss is foreplay. You are not required to have sex at a party. This is not a swinger club. But they should not restrain themselves. You are generally free to do whatever you want. If passion has found you in the middle of the dance floor – no one forbids expressing feelings openly. You can dance, you can drink, you can watch, you can be the center of attention. Come explore yourself, your feelings and emotions. People give you the venue & spirit – and you decide what to do with it.

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